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CESN is a service offering of Consumonics Ltd. and have been successfully trading since 2006. Consumonics Ltd. has now become one of the largest TV repair company & DVD repair company in the UK and is continuously being acknowledged as one of the most reliable repair organisations in the South East of England.

We deal with repair of all brands and sizes of LED, LCD and Plasma Televisions. We also repair Microwave Ovens, DVD devices like DVD/VHS recorders, Home cinema systems, Soundbars, etc.

Our trained and skilled engineers have over 20 years of experience, therefore they are equipped with the knowledge to repair any electronic device to its component level. Our friendly and helpful customer service centre based in Morden, Surrey will not only guide you through our process of repair, but will also provide you with status updates on the progress of your repair job.

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How We Operate:

We will aim at repairing your unit onsite including checking connections and setup of your unit. But if it has an internal electronic part failure, we will have to collect the unit for workshop repair and inspection (Our customer services will advise you of this when you discuss your enquiry with us). We charge a callout fee (incl. VAT which varies on your location and the size of the unit) but it also go towards the repair of your unit. For this callout fee, we will come to collect your device and take it to the workshop for diagnosing and repair. If the set is repairable within this fee, we would simply carry out the repair and return the unit to you within 3 to 4 working days. In cases where the part is not repairable, then we will simply give you an estimate for the repair. If you decide to go ahead with the repair quote then your callout fee will be deducted from the total balance and you will pay the difference on delivery.

You may also drop the TV or DVD unit in our workshop for repair, the process mentioned above will remain the same but we charge £65 (incl. VAT) for diagnosing the fault that also covers any simple and straightforward repair on your unit.

Note: Our Callout Fees / Diagnosis Fees are not-refundable. Please check our Refund Policy.

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