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Hitachi TVs have also started manufacturing LED model with some models having the smart features. But most of the models are a standard and majorly focused on cheaper pricing for their customers. This has caused a market tussle with Toshiba and similar brands.

Nevertheless, because it is an electronic device and much like all other electronic devices, your HITACHI TV can fail anytime without notice.

Common Failures in HITACHI Models:

  • No picture / No backlight
  • No picture but can hear sound
  • Standby light flashing a number of times
  • Not turning on
  • No light flashing
  • Making a clicking noise
  • Turning on and off continuously
  • Turns off after a few seconds
  • Wifi not connecting or identifying connections
  • Lines on the screen

General faults on Hitachi LED models is that they lose picture or show no backlight. This is a fault mostly lined with faulty Backlight LED strips. 80% to 90% of the times, any TV make would have Power supply fault, which can usually be repaired by replacing the capacitors on the board. But there are also instances where the Main board is causing the fault and not letting the power supply board turn on. The main board and/or the software on the main board is also to blame sometimes when the TV is in on and off cycle loop. When you get no picture on the TV, the cause of the fault may also be the Logic or the TCON board.

It is quite difficult to access where the fault is coming from till the engineer diagnose the fault. Many times customer do ask us that surely we would have come across this fault before, to which we reply that yes we do and we do try to give a round figure as to how much it may cost them, but because we have not diagnosed the fault or have looked at the TV we can only guess. Because, even though the fault the customer may be describing to us over the phone may sound complex; it has been found that sometimes the solution was very simple which we resolved upon our visit.

Broken Screens:

If the HITACHI TV (or any other TV for that matter) has a damaged and broken screen panel. Then it is never economical for repair. It will cost the customer more than the TV’s value to have a new screen replaced. Screen panel makes up for 90% of the TV’s value and when you add labour on top, it will never be viable to have a screen replaced.

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