Types of Faults

Below is a list of the more common faults that are experienced 

(please note that the information below is a guide only and not an exhaustive detail of every possible fault and solution)… 

 TV not turning on or taking a while to turn on – 
First check the set is plugged into your electricity mains! Also check to see if there is any switch that may have been turned off on the set itself! If the set is still not turning on then this is normally an electronic fault usually occurring on either the power board (PSU) or main board of the television. Sometimes components called capacitors may need to be replaced on one of these circuit boards.

TV turning itself off (sometimes on and off itself) – 
As per above, this is normally caused by a fault on either the power board (PSU) or the main board.

 Stuck in Standby mode, Clicking sound – 
Similar to ‘TV not turning on’ above

 No Picture or problematic picture – 
For LCD televisions this could possibly relate to a faulty logic/tcon or inverter board. Sometimes however the fault could be attributed to the main board. For Plasma televisions, this fault could relate to circuit bords called Y sustain, X sustain, Z sustain and Buffer/Scanning boards. Sometimes a faulty screen can also make one of these circuit boards go faulty. For LED televisions it is quite often associated with faulty LED strips which would need to be repaired or replaced. For Rear Projection televisions, most of the time it is the internal lamp that might need replacing.

 Lines on the screen – 
There are a number of possible causes of lines appearing on a screen. For plasma TVs these include a possibly faulty logic board, X, Y or Z Sustain boards, Scanning board or worst case scenario a faulty screen. For LED and LCD TVs, usually its the flexi cables or the TCON board that causes this fault, but worst case scenerio it could be the screen panel which may be causing this fault to appear. If you suspect that the lines have appeared as a result of a knock on the screen in some way then it does increase the possibilty that your screen is faulty and hence not economically worthwhile to repair.

 Freezing picture – 
Be careful here as the televion could be perfectly fine! This could be caused by a faulty aerial. If it is the television then usually it is down to a faulty main board.

 Speckles on screen – 
Often appearing on Plasma televisions. Quite possibly down to a faulty X, Y or Z sustain board however as a worst case scenario it could be the screen itself.

 Dark picture or ghosting image – 
Frequently this is caused by a faulty TCon board. Note that in some instances it could be a faulty screen that is causing the TCon board to go faulty. Very dark picture could also be a result of failing or faulty backlight strips, especially in LED televisions.

 No Sound or problematic sound – 
– Frequently associated with a faulty main board. Sometimes, it is actually speakers but this is rare as one of the 2 speakers should still work okay if one has failed.

 Volume or source/input changing automatically / randomly – 
This fault is often related to a main board of function pcb.

 Source / Inputs not working – 
HDMI, Scart, USB, Aerial input may not be working. Normally, inputs at the side or back of the television are connected to the main board, hence it is usually this board that may require a repair.

 No or poor signal – 
Be careful here as sometimes there is no actual fault with the television. Often you may have an issue with the aerial. The best way to eliminate whether the fault lies with the television or the aerial is if you may be able to plug the aerial cable into another television and see if it works. If it still does not work then the fault most likely lies with the aerial itself. If the fault does relate to the television then it could be associated with a fault main board, or depending on the type of television you have, it could be the tuner board or freesat board.

 Remote not responding – 
This may sound obvious, but firstly try to replace the batteries on the remote! If the television still does not respond to the remote then quite possibly you may have a fault with the IR sensor in the television or the remote itself may be faulty.

 Touch buttons not working – 
Normally this is attributable to the function panel being faulty.

 Not Connecting to the Internet – 
If the television has wifi then the cause of this difficulty could be a faulty wifi module. If it is connected with an ethernet cable then it is possibly caused by a faulty main board.

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