Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. No. 1. What is the best television to buy? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this. It depends on your budget and your needs. Avoid buying the very cheap televisions as these are the ones that appear to be more unreliable than others. The savings you make can easily be nullified by having increased risks of repairs required.

Q. No. 2. Where are we? 

We are a national company operating from numerous repairs centres up and down the country. You can see our list of local repair websites here . Our customer services centre is based at our headquarters in London and is open 7 days a week.

Q. No. 3. What are our charges? 

We strongly believe that we have amongst the most competitive and economic pricing. Our pricing varies according to the size of the set and also your location. Please call us on 0208 337 8000 or email us at enquiries@consumonics.co.uk or contact us via one of our local websites .

Q. No. 4. What warranty do we offer? 

As standard, a repairs come with a 3 month warranty. However, up till now, even if you experience a repeat of the same fault within 5 months we still take care of the problem. We want to ensure that we give great peace of mind to customers.

Q. No. 5. What other electronics products do we repair? 

We do not stop at televisions alone! We also repair monitors, DVD players, HD recorders, freeview boxes, music systems, laptops (not software problems), mobiles phones (broken screens only), tablets/ipads and smart watches. (we need to clarify further that we only deal with hardware on tablets/ipad, smart watches, etc.)

Q. No. 6. How can we be trusted? 

Feel free to go through the many customer testimonials . When we visit you we always come with a job sheet that documents the repair booking and clearly displays any pricing. All our engineers have company ID and wear company logo’d clothing. Our engineers are helpful, polite and friendly. Note – some are better looking than others 🙂 Between 2011 and 2014 we undertook more than 20,000 repair bookings. While many other repair organisations are closing down, we continue to grow year on year.

Cancelling a repair booking – Feel free to cancel any repair booking before we come out to you. We’ll simply cancel the booking and unlike some other organisations, we will not charge you anything. There is no pressure with us. If you change your mind then just let us know.

Intermittent faults – sometimes we’ll book in a television for repair but when we come to see the tv or collect it and look at it in one of our workshops the fault no longer appears. Believe us this does happen!!! In these situations, we normally wait until the fault eventually appears but if after some time the fault still does not re-appear then we advise you accordingly and suggest that if the fault re-appears within the next 3 months then we’ll come out to you again at no charge.

Q. No. 7. What type of parts do we use in our repairs? 

We use genuine and OEM parts in our repairs. All genuine parts from the manufacturers come with 90 days warranty, and we simply pass the same part warranty onto our customers.

There are cases where a part is no longer being manufactured, in such cases we try to source used or refurbished parts for our customers BUT do advise them before we install it because these parts will NOT come with any kind of warranty whatsoever.

Q. No. 8. What if my TV / DVD cannot be fixed? 

Any electronic device can be repaired. They are simply made up of parts, and if a part cannot be repaired you can replace it. It’s like a car having a punctured tyre, if it cannot be repaired you can replace it.

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