Microwave & Oven Repairs

We also deal in repairs of electric Ovens and Microwaves.

Microwaves generally tend to have two main faults. Either the Magnetron goes faulty or the Transformer starts buzzing.

Magnetron is a the main part in any microwave which creates the waves in the microwave which in turn heats up your food. With time the core of the magnetron deteriorates and thus needs to be replaced. Its generally better to replace the magnetron all together to avoid any failures in the short-term. When the magnetron is replaced, the waveguard is replaced as well (this a Mica sheet which is visible inside the cabinet of your microwave when you open the front door).

When your microwave starts to make a loud buzzing noise during use then it means that the main transformer is on its way out. Its best to resolve the issue before it completely goes which can cause other parts to go out with it.

Other times you will find that the turn-table is not rotating in the microwave. This means the TT motor is gone and needs replacement. If this motor is arcing then it may also create sparking towards the bottom of the microwave.

If you see sparks coming our of your microwave then DO NOT use it, it is quite likely something is shorting the waves from the magnetron causing the arcing. Sometimes this is the cables inside which may have melted, other times it is the rust that has developed inside due to improper cleaning of the unit. We recommend weekly cleaning of your microwave to keep it odour-free and good for use. (You would not believe the amount of times we have to tell customers that the reason of failures on their microwave is due to poor cleaning habits)

Costs of microwave repair vary from part number to model number. Once we have diagnosed a fault we can give a better understanding of the cost of repair.

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